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Stem Lending is the new way to mortgage: we enable you to compare dozens of options at once, lock in the best rate, and receive a concierge service all the way to getting the keys of your new home.

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We are disrupting the traditional home buying experience, by offering a simple concierge experience. Our customers create a login and with four simple steps, apply for a mortgage. We fetch credit reports, verify income, assets, employment and present their application to our lending partners. Sifting through all mortgage products across all lenders, we present the products that best fit our customer’s needs. We serve as our customer's trusted advisors all the way through closing.

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Comparison shop and save on mortgage:


Salient Features:

Painless Pre-approval: Get pre-approved with our expert loan officers. In minutes. No hidden fees, No obligation, Full transparency.

Compare & Select the Best Loan for You: We show you dozens of loan options, so you can filter on what’s important to you, with exclusive rates, and loan products all in one place.

Save Thousands of Dollars At Closing: Your dedicated loan advisor will help you find serious savings by sifting through dozens. Of loans on your behalf.

About Us:

Our technology analyzes multiple loan options for you in minutes, and lets you shop and compare. A mortgage is often the largest financial decision you will ever make – we understand it’s a huge deal and you deserve a stress-free experience. We are a team of passionate technologists and mortgage domain experts, driven to earn your trust by transparency. With our mortgage expertise on your side, we put the power of choice in your hands, through our competitive marketplace and no hidden fees.

With housing inventory so low, many buyers spend their time just trying to get their dream home, then scrambling to finalize their mortgage.  You shouldn’t have to wade through the complexities of mortgage loans by yourself. Unlike traditional loan brokers, Stem Lending simplifies your mortgage process into clear steps, allowing you to close on your new home with confidence.

We believe that creditworthy Millennials who’ve been saving and searching for a home, aren’t getting the affordable and accessible mortgage they deserve. Young adults aren’t living at home with their parents anymore – they are literally driving the housing market. Millennials were the largest group of home buyers (34%) for the fourth consecutive year in 2016.

We believe that this generation is causing the largest shift in consumer behavior ever witnessed in the home buying market. Today, more than 80% of mortgages are issued offline, and we believe there is an enormous opportunity to serve your financial needs with the best rates and unparalleled customer service, as mortgages move online.

We offer online, in-person and over-the-phone consultations from licensed experts to home buyers. As a FinTech mortgage broker, we serve as the trusted advisor for homebuyers – bringing offers from multiple lenders onto one platform, so that homebuyers make the most rational decision on their mortgage options. We are licensed to operate in the states of Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Take the first step in saving on your mortgage, reach out to Stem Lending’s mortgage experts today:

Mission Statement:

Stem Lending was founded to address the inefficiencies in providing better mortgage rates to creditworthy borrowers, and to also streamline what is a broken and grueling home buying experience today.

In the US, a quarter of homebuyers are unhappy with their mortgage lender and the disappointment is even worse for first-time homebuyers. Getting a loan shouldn’t be confusing, shouldn’t require you to manually negotiate with multiple lenders and brokers, and it shouldn’t take that long. Today’s borrowers demand speed, efficiency and a transparent experience – that’s what Stem Lending is committed to provide.

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Comparison shop and save on mortgage:


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